xLaw Chrome & Firefox

1. Extra functionality for EUR-Lex

Search EU Court Cases with one click from directives and regulations

Save private comments to the articles of legal acts

Read your private comments

2. How to install xLaw Chrome & Firefox?

Download xLaw Chrome-> Add to Chrome
Download xLaw Firefox-> Add to Firefox
Create an account with Google, Facebook or e-mail

xLaw Word

1. Extra functionality for Microsoft Word

Save a template

Search and open a template

Save contract clauses

Search and add contract clauses to your document

2. How to install xLaw Word?

On Microsoft Word click Insert and then Store

Search xLaw and click Add

Create an account with Google, Facebook or e-mail

If you don't have xLaw icon in the Home tab, then you need to go an extra step to make it convenient

Quick Access Bar -> More Commands
Choose Insert tab, search Insert an Add-In, then click Add and then OK
Now you can open xLaw directly from Quick Access Bar

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