Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of the XLAW.EU website and XLAW software

valid till 24.05.2018

These privacy policy and terms of use (hereinafter referred to as TOS) regulate the use of the xLaw.eu website (hereinafter referred to as the Website) and xLaw software (hereinafter referred to as xLaw). When visiting the Website and downloading the xLaw the User agrees to following conditions.

The owner of the Website and xLaw is ExtendLaw O‹ (private limited company in Estonia) (registry code 14150878, address Liivamše 8-13, 10113 Tallinn, e-mail: evert@extendlaw.com, hereinafter referred to as ExtendLaw).

xLaw software complements the following webpages: www.riigiteataja.ee (hereinafter referred to as the Riigi Teataja), www.riigikohus.ee (also www.nc.ee), eur-lex.europa.eu and curia.europa.eu with specific extra functions. The aim is to simplify moving between Acts and sections, and to interlink Acts, court judgements and filed specific (law related) articles. xLaw is available in plugin version for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari web browsers and also as mobile apps for Google Play and iTunes App Store.

xLaw functions:

1.      xLaw software version includes, among other things, the following functions:

-          Linking provisions and Acts by hyperlinks, so that, by clicking on a reference to a provision or legal act in a legal act or court judgment, the corresponding provision/legal act can be viewed.

-          Linking provisions in legal acts that are available on the Riigi Teataja with articles from the web portals www.rmp.ee and www.maksumaksjad.ee, and the juridical magazine www.juridica.ee, that contain references to the provisions.

-          Adding search engines to legal acts available on the Riigi Teataja, which enables the User to search for references to particular provisions from court judgements, using the databases of court judgments: www.riigiteataja,ee, www.riigikogu.ee and www.legal.ee.

2.      xLaw allows for the following user-based functions:

-          The User can add information, with exclusive access by the User, to provisions in legal acts available on the Riigi Teataja.

-          At the request of the User, or a legal person entering into an agreement, a User Group can be created where selected users of xLaw are linked and members of the group can see, change and amend information added by other members of the group.

3.      A separate agreement is entered into regarding the fee for the paid functions. For adding paid functions, please contact evert@extendlaw.com.

4.      Making xLaw available by ExtendLaw does not constitute legal counselling. ExtendLaw does not verify the correctness or exhaustiveness of the content of the information added.

5.      ExtendLaw reserves the right to amend and change the functions of xLaw, including to change the format, technical structure and design of xLaw, at any time, as well as to add new publicly available web pages and data, and comments, articles and explanations by ExtendLaw and/or its partners.

6.      At the moment, ExtendLaw offers certain functions of xLaw free of charge, but it does not guarantee the continuing availability of xLaw free of charge in the future.

User obligations and restrictions:

7.      When using xLaw, the User undertakes not to disturb or damage the Website or xLaw software. When ordering the paid functions of xLaw, the User undertakes to pay the fee according to the agreed terms agreed, and to keep the Username and password of his account safe and confidential.

The User is exclusively responsible for all activities that occur under his password or account identification. The User agrees immediately to notify ExtendLaw of any breach of security or any unauthorized use of his account.

8.      Upon downloading the xLaw application or in the case of updates to the downloaded xLaw application, the User must confirm his agreement to the terms and conditions of using or continuing to use xLaw.

9.      The Website, xLaw, and the copyright and other ownership rights to its content (including the rights to the source code, design and logo of xLaw, and databases created through xLaw) belong to ExtendLaw or its licensor. Copying, decompiling or changing xLaw software, or using it in any other way which is not in compliance with these terms of use is prohibited. By adding and saving his information to the provisions of legal acts available on the Riigi Teataja, the User does not become co-author of the database of xLaw.

10.  ExtendLaw has the right to restrict access to xLaw if the User does not use the software in accordance with these terms of services.

Liability of ExtendLaw:

11.  ExtendLaw does its best to increase the functionality of using xLaw. ExtendLaw cannot however guarantee that no interruptions occur in the functioning of xLaw, nor does it give any other guarantees in terms of the quality and functionality of xLaw.


12.  The User uses xLaw completely at his own risk. xLaw is offered in its current form, without giving any direct or indirect confirmations about suitability for any function. ExtendLaw is not liable for any damage arising from limited functionality or incorrect references or information, or in the case when the using of the Website or xLaw is impossible due to technical or other reasons.

13.  The Website and xLaw contain references to webpages and articles that belong to third parties and are outside of ExtendLaw?s control. ExtendLaw publishes such references only to make it more convenient for the User to find data and to make his work more efficient. Referenced webpages may have their own terms of use and privacy which the User has to follow when using the services provided by those webpages.


Privacy policy:

14.  When using xLaw, ExtendLaw can use technologies that collect data about using xLaw. Such data can contain information about the hardware and software used by the User, and his IP-address. Data is collected only for analysis and statistics purposes to develop xLaw and to make it more user-friendly.


15.  The User can subscribe to the xLaw newsletter by entering his e-mail address in the form. The e-mail address submitted is not shared with third parties and is used only to send newsletters.

16.  In the case of using the paid version of xLaw, the User is obligated to submit his personal information (name and e-mail address), which is collected and stored only for identification and service provision purposes.


17.  †ExtendLaw can at any time set as the requirement for using the xLaw application that the User sign in and enter his first name, surname and e-mail address, and can prohibit the use for users who fail to do so.

18.  Signing in to the xLaw application can take place on the Website, in the xLaw application or via other service providers (third-party authentication - web authentication using third-parties? environments). In the case of using accounts under third party services, the Website is connected to third parties? applications, webpages and services that can have separate terms of use and privacy. ExtendLaw is not liable for the content or the conditions for use of such applications, webpages or services.

19.  The purpose of collecting personal data is effective and personalized user experience. ExtendLaw processes personal data for the purpose of offering and providing services to the User and for transmitting its advertisements and other information to the User. For example, ExtendLaw can use personal data for the following purposes:

-          to inform the User about new information and services offered by xLaw;

-          to make xLaw more user-friendly (the aim being that the User need not submit his personal data repeatedly);

-          to help create content that is important to the User;

-          to ensure the quality and accessibility of the application, as well as to expand, improve and personalize the application, and to develop it in other ways.

The User agrees to the processing of his personal data to the extent stated in these terms of use.

20.  ExtendLaw collects and saves personal data in electronic format, and makes extracts from them in other formats as necessary.


21.  The User has the right to demand deletion of his personal data and the information entered by him at any time by informing ExtendLaw thereof by email. If the person who demands deletion of his personal data uses the paid version of xLaw, he loses access to the paid version of xLaw. If ExtendLaw has set signing in as the condition for using the application, the person who demands deletion of his personal data loses access to xLaw.


22.  xLaw contains hyperlinks to third partiesʼ web environments. When clicking on such links, the User leaves xLaw environment. The using of third parties? web environments, materials and services is regulated by the terms of use, privacy policies and safety standards of such third parties.

23.  Guests of the Website and users of xLaw consent to the use of cookies and other analogous technologies. Cookies help to remember guestsʼ and/or usersʼ choices on the Website and in xLaw and to preserve the information about sign-in and connection.

Other conditions:

24.  For any questions or complaints please contact:

ExtendLaw O‹

Registry code 14150878

Liivamše 8-13 

10113 Tallinn




25.  ExtendLaw reserves the right to change these conditions at any time. The User is informed 14 days in advance through the Website or xLaw software before the entry into force of the new conditions. If the User does not agree to the new conditions, he must stop using xLaw. By continuing to use xLaw software the User is deemed to have agreed to the new conditions.


26.  Estonian law applies regardless of the place where the User has his habitual residence. All disputes are resolved in Harju County Court in Tallinn. If a User who is a natural person is dissatisfied with the behaviour of ExtendLaw, he has the right to turn to the Estonian Consumer Protection Board. The reviewing of disputes is free of charge.

xLaw Word Terms and Services, and Privacy Policy

Last update: 11.07.2017

This privacy policy explains how the personal information collected when you use the websites, mobile applications and other services that post a link to this privacy policy (each, a "Service") are used by the ExtendLaw O‹ company that owns or administers the Service.

The owner of the website and xLaw apps is ExtendLaw O‹ (registry code 14150878, address Liivamše 8-13, 10113 Tallinn, Estonia, email evert@extendlaw.com, hereinafter referred as ExtendLaw).

    Functionality of xLaw Word:
  1. To share and organize contract clauses and general legal arguments inside of a law firm, in a company or on your own. You can save clauses by tagging them with keywords, which helps you find them easily. Adding your know-how to your Word documents just takes one click.
  2. Business registry search so you can check the addresses and registry codes of your business partners (currently only Estonian business registry).
  3. For special terms and conditions, and to pay for paid features, contact: evert@extendlaw.com.

  4. User obligations and restrictions
  5. The User may not:
    • share his account username and password with others;
    • use technical means not intended for using the Service;
    • infringe the copyrights of xLaw or other authors.
  6. ExtendLaw can ban the usage of the Service if the user fails to comply with the Terms and Service, and Privacy Policy.

  7. ExtendLaw warranties
  8. The Services provided are "as is" with no express or implied warranty for accuracy or accessibility.
  9. ExtendLaw has done its utmost to ensure that the materials displayed on xLaw are accurate. However, errors may occur. ExtendLaw accepts no responsibility or liability for any incorrect material.
  10. Use this site and xLaw apps/add-ins at your own risk.
  11. xLaw does not offer legal advice, nor does it verify the content that users add.
  12. ExtendLaw does not guarantee that free features will remain free of charge.

  13. Privacy policy
  14. The types of personal information that the Service collects directly from you depends on how you interact with the Service and may include:
    1. contact details, such as your name, email address;
    2. usernames and passwords;
    3. payment information, such as a credit or debit card number;
    4. educational and professional background;
    5. comments, feedback and other information you submit to the Service; and interests and communication preferences;
    6. any information that you insert to xLaw application.
  15. Information collected automatically.
    The Service also automatically collects, through its servers and the use of cookies and similar technologies, information that tells us how you use the Service, and this may include:
  16. The Internet Protocol ("IP") address used to connect your computer to the Internet;
  17. The Computer, device and connection information, such as browser type and version, operating system, mobile platform and unique device identifier ("UDID") and other technical identifiers;
  18. Uniform Resource Locator ("URL") click stream data, including date and time stamp, referring and exit URLs, search terms you use and the pages you visit or search for on the Service.
  19. ExtendLaw does not send your content or personal information to third parties.
  20. ExtendLaw can use your personal information to:
    1. notify you about new features;
    2. develop the Service further and ask your feedback;
    3. offer personalised experience.
  21. For questions and feedback, please contact:
    ExtendLaw O‹
    Registry code: 14150878
    Liivamše 8-13
    10113 Tallinn

  22. Other terms
  23. ExtendLaw can change The Terms and Services, and Privacy Policy any time, informing users 14 days beforehand.
  24. Applicable law: Estonia.